6 – Risk and Legal Reservations

This document does not constitute a sale offer, does not invite you to make an investment or encourage you to purchase the PAYWEEN Coins as part of the distribution. This document may not be used for any purpose other than making a decision to invest in the PAYWEEN Coins. lt is forbidden to copy or duplicate the document in any form without the prior consent of the issuer. This document describes the current state and the future development of the issuer’s Project, as well as PAYWEEN Coins. This document is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute a representation of future intentions. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the products, services and any innovative elements presented herein as of the date of drawing up this document are under development and are not currently implemented. The issuer makes no warranties or representations regarding the successful development or implementation of such technologies and innovations, or the performance of any other activities mentioned in this document, and disclaims any warranties implied by applicable law.
An investment also carries various types of risk. Each potential investor wishing to invest in the PAYWEEN Coins as part of their distribution should carefully consider all the information contained in this document, including the risks described below: Design patterns should be created for each project, i.e. the basic assumptions for the construction of the Project.
a ) Operational Risk
i.e. the risk of potential losses caused by failures of IT processes or systems, including potential hacker attacks or human errors. In order to minimize losses, the issuer constantly monitors the correct functioning of the Platform and the security systems implemented in it. In addition, the issuer uses other safeguards adequate to the conducted activity, which enable the identification of threats before they materialize and the potential possibility of avoiding possible errors, failures or attacks;
a) Liquidity risk
i.e. the issuer’s ability to meet its contractual obligations on time. lt should be emphasized that the issuer bases its activities on the provision of services in the field of a specific systematization of knowledge available on the Internet via the Platform and other websites, which may result in various types of business risk, depending on a specific investment and its development strategy, which may also affect the liquidity of the issuer itself;
c) Changes in the tax and legal environment
This document is based on the provisions of Australian and Turkish law, in accordance with the applicable regulations as of the date of this document. However, future changes in tax law and different interpretations of the law by tax authorities and courts cannot be ruled out. In this respect, unfavorable changes in tax law may have a negative impact on the issuer’s business activities. lt should be noted that the issuer has no influence on the above, therefore, out of extreme caution, the issuer reserves the right to change the tax jurisdiction and the entity through which this process of PAYWEEN Coins distribution is carried out;
d) The risk related to blockchain technology
i.e. the technology used by the issuer to automate the processes. lt should be noted that this is a technology that is still under research and analysis, and therefore may be exposed to various technical difficulties or external influences;
e) The risk of the cryptocurrency exchange rate change
is one of the basic principles of the functioning of the cryptocurrency trading system. Cryptocurrencies themselves are susceptible to exchange rate fluctuations as a result of various economic, non-economic, technological or speculative factors. Before making an investment, the investor is aware of the exchange rate risk and any fluctuations in the market of virtual currencies or derivatives of such currencies, which do not meet the statutory requirements for qualifying as such a currency;
f) The risk of return
i.e. expectations versus the lssuer's possibilities. In general, in any investment procedure, there is a risk that the expected return may be less than the amount the investor would like or would have obtained by purchasing other assets;
g) Wallet and private key
in order to perform all operations on the PAYWEEN Coins, related to, among other things, sending or receiving them must comply with the Binance Smart Chain protocol. The investor is solely responsible for deciding whether to use the proper portfolio in accordance with the above protocol. Moreover, each investor is responsible for the safekeeping of his or her private key. The loss or theft of the private key is tantamount to the loss of all PAYWEEN Coins assigned to a given wallet address and the issuer is not responsible for its incorrect use.
h) The risk related to ordinary currency fluctuations
arises mainly as a result of the purchase of the PAYWEEN Coins using a legally binding means of payment widely accepted in economic transactions.
Exchange rates can be influenced by various political and economic factors, including the level of interest rates, the balance of payments between countries, and the monetary, fiscal and trade policies of certain countries and governments
No person wishing to make an lnvestment should rely solely on the content contained in this document. The lssuer disclaims any responsibility for the incorrect use of the information contained in this document.