2.2 Global payment issues

We have written this document with the intention to give an overview of Payween Project, fingerprint payment system that the Payween uses and market in many aspects; the relationship between fingerprint payment, market,Payween and discussion how the fingerprint payment works. Therefore, the main issues will be based on these following questions: What is fingerprint payment? Can fingerprint payment replace bank card payment? Why do we need to promote fingerprint payment in the world? How does fingerprint payment as industry chain work? How do fingerprint payments replace traditional payments? Which businesses are needed by fingerprint payment? Why is this fingerprint payment needed? What is the fingerprint payment market environment in the world like? How is the fingerprint payment developing in market? Can fingerprint payments replace traditional payments? Most users do not know fingerprint payments. So, the development of fingerprint payments is not easy. The lack of experience about fingerprint payment is the main reason why they are not as widely accepted. But instead of fearing the new and the unknown, we should embrace it.