4 – Roadmap

Almost everyone will soon know about cryptocurrencies. We argue that between 2021 and 2025, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and coins will gain general market acceptance, and the number of their users will increase at least tenfold.
This is a huge problem. As we have already mentioned, new people will be entering the cryptocurrency market, wanting to learn and get to know this market. However, due to the lack of organized knowledge in the cryptocurrency segment and the general information chaos, such a person will be exposed to the risk of losing both confidence in this market and their money.
The information presented below in the form of a timeline is illustrative and the issuer reserves the right to change future dates if it is not possible to implement individual solutions within the indicated period, also on the basis of, among other things, risks described in this document.
2021 Phase 1
· Own funds were allocated for the implementation of the project;
· A preliminary technical specification was developed;
· Brand development (naming and logo) took place;
· The manifesto was published;
· A group of advisors (ambassadors) was created;
· Cooperation was established with the software house to develop the alpha version of the Platform
· Initial consultations with advisors were carried out;
· Cooperation was established with a law firm in the area of creating a tokenization plan and ongoing substantive supervision;
2021 Phase 2
· Token Launch : Deploy Payween native token on Binance Smart Chain.
· Liquidity : Supply initial locked DEX liquidity on Pancake Swap of $50,000.
· Website Launch : Launch new Payween website
· Security Audit : Security audit for the Payween smart contract.
2022 – Stay Tuned